"We moved cross country and Xavier was great. He showed us homes he knew would fit what we were looking for. Xavier listened to our needs and came up with many to choose, I highly recommend using Xavier for your next home. "
- 11/7/2023 Todd & Patricia Zukowski

"Fernando was great! He helped us move into a great home and neighborhood and in no time! I would absolutely recommend him to anybody, he was very patient with me as well knowing this was our first home."
- 10/21/2023 - Sierra

"Nuestra experiencia con el Sr. Fernando Turpin fue excelente! Excelente trato y comunicación! Muy amable y gentil ! Gracias por su buen trato para con nosotros ! Mi esposo y yo le agradecemos!"
- 10/18/2023 - Armando Diaz & Brenda Corrujedo

"Fernando did a great job helping us to find this house, it was exactly what we had in mind, he help us since the beginning to determine the best options for our investment, he kept in close contact all the time with all the details and arrange the closing for the day we ask him. Very happy with his service."
- 09/22/2023 - Maritza Davila

"Fernando did a great job assisting us with the property. The process was very simple and straightforward, no bumps along the way. Fernando was extremely polite, and responsive for the duration of the inquiry, and we are very happy with his service. "
- 09/20/2023 - Ethan Cook

"Lo primero que voy a mencionar es que nos atoramos en el tráfico y Fernando muy amablemente nos espero, nos dio un recorrido por toda la casa y nos iba enseñando todo de ella, contestó nuestras dudas y fue muy cordial siempre. Muy agradecidos por su atención para con nosotros. Gracias "
- 09/13/2023 - Minerva Morales

"Best way I can put it, Fernando was a great help. Awesome to work with. Thank you for your help, Fernando. He help my family and I find a beautiful rental home in a great community. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know."
- 09/04/2023 - Otto Menzel

"Fernando quickly got me into a rental during a time it was quite hard to find one. He worked around my schedule to view the property, and made sure I had the chance to see it and choose to rent it before others snatched it up. Easy to work with, and promptly on time for the showing. "
- 07/15/2023 - Chad Ripley

"Fernando was very helpful and stayed in constant communication. He was able to meet us on site and worked with our schedules. He presented several key details of the home and was able to answer our questions. He was very approachable and knowledgeable about the home. Fernando worked well with text and phone communication and walked us through the process. "
- 06/12/2023 - James Saxton

"Great! Fernando was super fast and helpful with contract questions and handing me my keys! Me and my roommate were looking for something fast and saw this property. We contacted Fernando the agent of the property and was super flexible showing me the place. Fernando definitely sold the place for me and my roommate. He also helped answer c questions we had over the contract and things like that"
- 05/31/2023 - Irania Acosta

"Fernando was very informative and straightforward with how the process would go. He was Punctual and responsive. Thank you Fernando for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. You really made things easy going as possible!"
- 05/29/2023 - Lauren Lovell

"210 Realty Group has been my property management since 2021. They have always taken care of me and my Tenants. They offer fast and quality service at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend 210 Realty Group to friends and family."
- 05/22/2023 - Akaki T.

"My experience with Xavier was great!!! I would highly recommend Xavier as your realtor. He got me in an awesome home, and he went out of his way to help me. I highly recommend Xavier. Thank you Xavier!!" /em>
- 05/20/2023 - Susie Maldonado

"Xavier is a great realtor and property manager. He is very responsive, helpful and polite. He is always in touch with me and always solves any issues asap. I highly recommend him! "
- 05/20/2023 - Yone Abuin

“Tengo 14 propiedades y llevamos 15 años con 210 Realty Group. Estoy muy satisfecha con los servicios de property Management de 210 Realty Group, por el grado de transparencia y detalle que manejan en la información de lo que pasa mes a mes con cada una de tus propiedades. Además te asesoran en todo lo que necesitas respecto de obligaciones fiscales para que puedas estar al día y con tranquilidad.”

“I have 14 properties and have been with 210 Realty Group for 15 years. I am very satisfied with the property management services of 210 Realty Group, due to the degree of transparency and attention to detail month after month with each of your properties. They also advise you on everything you need regarding tax obligations so that you can be up to date and with peace of mind."
- 05/20/2023 - Alicia P. / Corpi Corp.

"Mi experiencia con 210 Realty Group mas que de trabajo ha sido de amigos. Desde 2015 hemos mantenido una estrecha relación ya que nos manejan y administran 4 casas en el área de San Antonio. Atravesar la pandemia no fué tarea fácil y más cuando vivimos en otro país pero el equipo de 210 Realty Group nos ayudo y apoyo en todo lo necesario para la renta de nuestras casas. Nos ofrecen siempre información oportuna y confiable para la toma de decisiones."

"My experience with 210 Realty Group has been more of friendship than work. We have maintained a close relationship since 2015 as they manage 4 rental houses in the San Antonio area. Going through the pandemic was not an easy task, especially when we live in another country, but the 210 Realty Group team helped us and supported us in everything we needed to rent our homes. They always offer us timely and reliable information for decision making."
- 05/19/2023 - Adriana L. / Jivana & Lopel

"Soy dueña de 2 casas desde el 2021 y estoy muy contenta con la administración de 210 Realty Group. Me entregan mensualmente mi estado de cuenta y están atentos a cualquier problema con las casas, solucionándome todo rápidamente. Y no me siento abrumada con problemas, ellos arreglan todo."

"I have owned 2 houses since 2021 and I am very happy with the management of 210 Realty Group. They give me my monthly account statement and are attentive to any problem with the houses, solving everything quickly. And I don't feel overwhelmed with problems, they fix everything."
- 05/19/2023 - Araceli S. Arasol & Aleman

"Tengo 3 años con 210 Realty Group. Es una compañía muy seria. Dan muy buen servicio de administración de mi casa de renta y siempre resuelven de inmediato cualquier problema. También quiero destacar que nunca he tenido ningún problema respecto al pago de mi renta. Recomiendo 100% a 210 Realty Group."

"I have 3 years with 210 Realty Group. It is a very serious company. They provide a very good administration service for my rental house and they always solve any problem immediately. I also want to emphasize that I have never had any problem regarding the payment of my rent. I recommend 210 Realty Group 100%."
- 05/19/2023 - Carmen Quijano

"Fernando did an excellent job of helping us get into this apartment that meets our needs very well! He kept us well informed and guided us along the procedure and just kept us motivated and moving forward at a steady pace! "
- 04/26/2023 - S Elizabeth

"Mr Turpin [Fernando] was excellent throughout our home buying process. We trusted his advice , his foresight and his negotiation skills. He always made time for our never ending questions. Our home buying process was drawn out for about 8 months but he showed tremendous patience. I recommend him for all families. There is no one better."
- 03/31/2023 - Hussain Shakir

"The experience was great! He was very responsive and was easy to work with. He was accommodating and worked with us. The whole process to rent was made easier from Fernando and 210 Reality group. I would recommend them to anyone"
- 03/28/2023 - Evan McCann

"Xavier truly went above and beyond. Not only did he provide all the knowledge and guidance through the selling process, during this time of change in the market, he was able to help me get ready to do so by arranging repairs and item removal. Xavier clearly always just wants to best represent his clients, and I feel blessed he was our realtor in this transaction! "
- 02/16/2023 - Jodi Hibler

"Absolutely wonderful. Xavier has been professional, approachable, and helpful since day one. We were out of state when we signed our lease to rent through him, so we had a lot of questions about renting through his company, the property, the neighborhood, the schools, etc. Not only did he answer all of our questions, he was kind and offered wonderful advice. As tenants we have been very pleased with how quickly he's resolved minor repairs needed in our property. We really like the online portal. It makes it so easy to submit requests / questions / pay rent, etc. We'd recommend Xavier to our friends and family!"
- 02/02/2023 - Lindsay K. Warford

"He (Fernando) was very helpful and did a great job at processing everything. Was super fast at contacting us and staying in touch pretty consistently. Is still answering my questions until I move in. Referred my aunt to him and she even said he was nice and being super helpful towards her trying to rent a home soon."
- 02/01/2023 - Alexia Araiza

"Xavier Turpin is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is a genuine fine in this industry and he offers workable solutions to our taste. My wife for 30 years knows what she wants and she ask a lot of questions. Xavier never hesitated to answer all of her questions and he kept us on schedule and within our budget. When I tell you, I believe is the best realtor in the business, I’m not exaggerating, he’s just that good. Xavier has mastered his craft. Thanks"
- 01/30/2023 - David McCary

"Xavier was super awesome! He stayed in constant contact with me throughout the whole process, and worked with us on making sure we were able to land the place we’re in. Has made sure that any further questions since moving in have been answered or handled, 10 of 10 amazing to work with. "
- 01/14/2023 - Justin Wieding

"When my husband and I had lost hope in purchasing or renting a new home, Fernando was the only one who gave us hope, he guided us through out the whole process which my husband and I thought it was going to be impossible to get our own space. Thank you Fernando you’re the best!! Now we will enjoy our own new space, Thank you!!"
- 11/18/2022 - Gloria Esmeralda Vargas

"Fernando Turpin nos dió desde el inicio una excelente asesoría en la compra de nuestra casa, nos apoyo con el banco y con el constructor, en momentos complicados nos dio animo siempre con una actitud positiva y muy objetiva para seguir adelante y tomar la mejor decisión. Lo recomendamos no solo por su gran trabajo sino porque es una excelente persona con muchos valores y principios que fueron fundamentales para apoyarnos en cumplir el sueño de comprar nuestra casa."
- 11/08/2022 - Jose Beltran

"I spent a month trying to get anyone to help me find a place to rent. No one would respond. 210Realty reached out to me within minutes of me trying to get info on a property. Fernando Turpin, has been a pleasure to work with. He constantly and consistently made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I will absolutely be reaching out to him when I am ready to buy and would recommend him and his company to anyone in the south central Texas area."
- 10/28/2022 - Blake Horne

"Xavier helped us originally to find a rental home. Then we started looking at buying and after a year and a half found a home we love! He was super helpful during the build process and knowledgeable. I would and have referred him to everyone I know who is looking for a home to sell buy or rent. He was so patient with us looking through 4 different cities and finally finding somewhere we felt at home. Thank you for all your hard work Xavier!"
- 10/24/2022 - Kennison Evans

"Fernando was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was responsive, and ensured we were at ease while renting our first duplex. Thank you for everything, Fernando."
- 09/02/2022 - Florisabel Zermeno

"Fernando is great to work with. Very professional and friendly; proactive as well as responsive. Negotiated a better rent; quickly found us alternative home when first choice became unavailable. Immediately replies to texts and emails."
- 07/01/2022 - Glenn Goss

"Fernando was Awesome- He did a Great Job explaining everything in detail- He made himself available whenever we needed him which we really appreciated- Fernando is Very Professional and goes above and beyond for his clients- I highly recommend him"
- 06/28/2022 - danmauro9

"He [Xavier] guided us through the process in a polite, patient and friendly manner, always willing to answer our questions. Also he understood perfectly our necessities and situation so he was able to help us"
- 06/22/2022 - Karla Rivera

"Xavier is a awesome guy from day one, he definitely makes sure thing get done quick and correctly. He helped us get into a rental AND look for a home to purchase!"
- 06/15/2022 - Walter Rhodes

"Xavier Turpin is a great realtor you can actually trust! I first met him when I needed to rent a home under special circumstances; he was the homeowner's realtor and also managed the property with 210 Realty. My experience as a tenant was the best I've ever had both at home in the US and abroad. He was extremely fair and easy to work with as a property manager. I am now looking at selling my home and purchasing a new home and a commercial property; I contacted Xavier after remembering my prior experiences as a buyer and renter. Xavier is very honest, always available and very understanding. I do not feel pressured, yet actually supported and am grateful to have someone so experienced and knowledgeable with multiple resources on my side to assist me yet again in this sensitive process. With Xavier, you won't be just another potential "sale in the books." Xavier truly prioritizes your interests and goals, is very thorough in his analysis and presents every possible scenario in a well thought-out and detailed description with a proactive process keeping your best interests in mind. Definitely a better experience than I have experienced in the past with other realtors on the renting, selling or purchasing side."
- 05/30/2022 - Carolyn Kahle

"[Xavier was] excellent - will refer him to friends. Way very patient while my fiance and myself went down a list of available homes and showed us any house we wanted to see without hesitation. Found the best programs available that would help us in closing for a home."
- 05/18/2022 - Jonathan Hernandez

"Mr [Fernando] Turpin went the extra mile to ensure that all of our questions were answered. He even worked over the weekend and a holiday to work out some terms on our lease. I was very impressed with his services."
- 05/11/2022 - Eddie Altizer

"Fernando is awesome he helped me through the hole process of renting the house I’m in now with my family and got me approved with in 1 day. The process was really easy and he maid sure I understood everything. Definitely recommend him."
- 05/10/2022 - Zamaira Vazquez

"He [Fernando] was very helpful. And was on top of everything I need from him. Definitely would recommend to my friends and family!!! He was very informative and had alot of knowledge in this field! He answered everyone of my questions and didn't leave me feeling unsure. I would definitely be using him in the future for any of my needs."
- 05/09/2022 - bigrich767

"He is very professional and knowledgeable. He rented the house in less than a week. He rented in a really good price. - more than expected. Also he’s very concerned about who is going to live there"
- 04/05/2022 - Esther Mesraje

"Xavier is an excellent realtor, he is really committed to helping you find the perfect home and also to guide you side by side throughout the entire process. He has helped us not only as a realtor to find the home, but also to find the tenant, and as our property manager. He has really good negotiation skills and is very responsible and professional. We can't think of anyone better to work with, I highly recommend!"
- 03/30/2022 - Romina Velez

"Xavier is great! Knowledgeable and patient. Always responsive. Excellent follow through. Being new to San Antonio was good working with someone that clearly knows the city and the inventory. Great guy to work with. I will recommend him to anyone that needs a realtor. Thank you!"
- 03/25/2022 - Edwin Toro

"Fernando was great to work with. He was able to help us under an extreme time crunch and help us through the entire process of renting our first home."
- 03/25/2022 - Jazmin Nelson

"Xavier got us an amazing deal on a beautiful townhome to rent. I’m known for asking a ton of questions, but he is always ready with an answer or is able to quickly find an answer if needed. We couldn’t be happier with our new place!!!"

- 03/25/2022 - Rebecca Andrews

"Xavier was so helpful from the beginning to the end. He was very responsive to all of my wife and I questions and concerns. I would strongly recommend Xavier to all of my friends and family that live or move to Texas."
- 03/25/2022 - Martin Rodgriguez

"Fernando was great. He was very helpful at answering all our questions and concerns. He made our move-in process so easy. Thank you again Fernando. Highly recommend."
- 03/23/2022 - Daniela Hernandez

"Fernando was extremely responsive and helpful while we searched for homes. He helped make the process easy to navigate. I look forward to recommending Fernando to friends who are searching for their next home."
- 01/18/2022 - Cacie Madrid

"Xavier is Very helpful and knowledgeable. We appreciated the communication and help finding a rental that would work for our family. We moved from another state and we’re unfamiliar with the area. Xavier was helpful in answering questions"
- 12/21/2021 - Andrea Youragent

"San Antonio’s best kept secret. Realtor Xavier Turpin Professional and old school with extraordinary work ethic. Always ahead of the game & putting the clients needs 1st. Attentive to every detail & continuously following up to ensure a smooth property search. Keep up the good work. Cheers!"
- 10/28/2021 - Jose Zuniga

"Xavier has been awesome, throughout my entire leasing process! He is very prompt in returning all of my texts and phone calls, and has made this a very easy transition. Would highly recommend him if you are looking to lease a property. He is also helping me with our future home purchase search!"
- 10/27/2021 - Cindy Lux-Reid

"Fernando Turpin was very polite and cheerful and helpful with quick responses. He understood what I was looking for and showed me houses around area I was interested in. He also helped me by proving school information in the area which helped me a lot."
- 10/21/2021 - Ayumi Pieper

"Xavier is a real professional and helped myself and our clients find a temporary rental home during a very challenging time. He managed to negotiate with several listings to accommodate specific requests and connected my clients with a promising rental. I plan on working with Xavier again in the future and definitely recommend him to others."
- 10/13/2021 - Annee Luangchai

"Xavier is very professional and accommodating during the whole process. He responded promptly when I needed his assistance. Very pleasent to work with, and I would definitely recommend him to others for his service."
- 10/08/2021 - Sonya Shin

"Fernando helped us tremendously. We are moving from out of state and he went above and beyond to send walk through videos of the properties. He was always very responsive and responded to messages immediately. Thank you Fernando! You have been great!!"
- 09/24/2021 - Macie Matheny

"[Xavier is] Genuinely interested in doing the process correctly and professionally. Made sure minor issues in the house were sorted out. Was flexible with our unusual circumstances."
- 09/23/2021 - Matthew Knight

"Highly recommend Javier Turpin, he is my property manager, very responsiveness, honest and respectful to any issues we have with the property we rent. I'm very happy with his service, willing to work with Javier in our research to buy our home pretty soon."
- 09/17/2021 - Victor Fernandez

"Was having a difficult time finding a home to rent. Had reached out to agents of 50+ properties with very little response. Xavier talked with me about my criteria and needs, offered to help facilitate, and was extremely responsive. Thank you for partnering with me during this stressful process!"
- 09/17/2021 - Jennifer Rich

"Xavier is very knowledgeable about listings in the area and very diligent about keeping you informed of new listings. He is quick to respond to your questions and makes it his priority to get you into a home that fits your needs."
- 09/14/2021 - Kathy Evans

"I was looking for a rental and I reach out to Xavier on Zillow. He was very knowledgeable and offered a lot of advice. He sent me to a newer area off Culebra to see a house for rent. New house at that. And guided me through the entire process. He made sure to check in regularly to make sure things went smoothly. I finally qualified for the house and my kids and I were so excited. I thank Xavier for helping us with finding our new home. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. And we will be reaching out to him when I’m ready to make my purchase on our new home."
- 09/14/2021 - q47pukj64t (Zillow review)

"Xavier had great communication. Honestly, better than realtor I had previously. He was prompt at all the locations we visited and called out pros and cons for the homes. I highly recommend Xavier, if you want to have a great experience."
- 09/14/2021 - Chris Robles

"Xavier was instrumental in me and my friends finding a place to rent. We were new to the whole renting scene and so he was a valuable source of information and ideas of what we should look for. He was always prompt in responding and always called back as soon as he was able. He truly cared about us finding a place to stay and we can’t thank him enough."
- 09/01/2021 - Matthew Overton

"Excellent service and support to find a house Very professional Realtor to show the houses and offer price and promptness!! We found the house we were looking for"
- 08/23/2021 - Raquel Del Rio

"The whole process was quick and easy Fernando was attentive and helpful he wasn’t going to let me let this home pass me by he keep up with me everyday ready to meet and when we did we loved the home and now he still keeps up and checks in on how we are doing"
- 08/21/2021 - Israel Ornelas

"Fernando went above and beyond in my home search that had special circumstances. Professional and prompt to say the least! Thanks Fernando for my helping my family and I!"
- 08/20/2021 - Matthew Strayer

"Fernando did a great job helping us relocate. He was on top of things and answered us in a timely manner. Very professional. I definitely recommend him!"
- 08/05/2021 - Olivia Camacho

"Loved our experience with Xavier. Patient, knowledgeable and friendly. We met while visiting properties on our own, and after talking for a bit we asked if he would help us. He guided us through the lending world, and ultimately this time around we decided to rent. I expected to get less of Xavier time after that decision, but was not at all the case. He found us a great rental for the meantime, and we have goals set to buy when the time is right. A sincere thank you, Xavier."
- 08/02/2021 - Scott Gales

"We contacted Mr [Fernando] Turpin for a rental in the San Antonio area. He is very professional, knowledgeable of the area school zones and real estate trends. Couldn’t have asked for a more trusting, hard working person. In less than a week he found a rental in the area we were looking despite the market craziness. Very grate full for his help."
- 05/25/2021 - LazSaenz

"Xavier Turpin is phenomenal at his job. All of my concerns were met with straightforward answers and the entire process was explained flawlessly. It really made the entire process pain free and very reassuring. Love my new rental home."
- 04/28/2021 - Guillermina Castellano

"Mr [Fernando] Turpin helped me out a lot he kept in touch everyday and Helped me find the perfect house for me & my kids been looking for a while. I never worked with a realtor and when I met mr Turpin I new he was a perfect match and will find me a home I thank him so much"
- 04/20/2021 - Yvonne Reece

"Xavier is from now on considered like family. He treated my wife and I with respect and professionalism. We admit to having some serious credit problems when we met with him last year. He put us in contact with some amazing people in regards to financing and credit solutions. When we had problems with my certificate from the VA he still didn’t give up. He’s truly amazing and with 100% certainty, I will be a referring all of my friends and family to him in the future !!!"
- 04/04/2021 - Benjamin Jones

"Fernando always went above and beyond to help me and my roommates with everything from start to finish. He was very attentive to every question and listened genuinely. I never felt like I was getting the run-around. He always made time for us, whether it was to view properties, research options online/over the phone, etc. At one point, he even did the job of another rental management company and got me all the info from them I needed in a matter of a couple of hours (I had waited for a response from the other company for days). Fernando is a hard worker and very sincere! I recommend him to everyone who even hits at looking for a place :)"
- 03/20/2021 - Cynthia Valadez

"I’m new to San Antonio. I talk to many realtors and almost all of them wouldn’t work with me because I was Section 8 HUD VASH. Xavier treated me like VIP. He went above and beyond to find the perfect home for me and my family. He was professional and kind. I highly recommend him."
- 03/01/2021 - Kara Shields

"Xavier was amazing! He was very knowledgeable about the area and helped us find option almost immediately. He is also just very nice and comfortable to speak with We found a place because of him! Thank you!"
- 03/01/2021 - Sarah Mahoney

About Xavier: “Very knowledgeable and helpful. Worked around my schedule and put in the extra effort to help me find the perfect house. Would definitely work with again.”
- 02/03/2021 - Bre Whitley

“Amazing service! After dealing with other realtors who told my family and I that we wouldn’t be able to get the house we wanted at the price we set for Fernando helped us tremendously! He showed us several houses in our price range and ultimately showed us our new home! We are so excited and pleased. Easy to get along with and communicated perfectly! We will definitely recommend Fernando to others!”
- 02/02/2021 - Leboria Glass

“We bought our first home with Xavier. We were initially looking to rent but he helped us realize that we could be homeowners. And here we are a couple months later in our first home!!! He's knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated. He commands a lot of respect with his approach. I would highly recommend him!!!”
- 02/01/2021 - Brian Borden

“Xavier was a great agent for our first time home buying experience!! He was knowledgeable, patient and was there for us throughout the entire process! We would personally recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!”
- 01/28/2021 – Mareiaelissa Littles

About Xavier: “He quickly responded to my request to see a house and has maintained that level of responsiveness ever since. Any problems or questions I had he was quick to answer or solve. He kept me updated on the status of my application, and the house I have rented through him is in great condition! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”
- 01/28/2021 - Helen Richards

“An amazing individual! He helped me through the whole process. He’ responded to all my emails and was always prompt. My son and I just moved in and we are truly grateful to have had Fernando there to guide us through this. Being a single father it’s difficult finding time for it all again thanks Fernando”
- 01/24/2021 - mjmybarra

“I was looking for a new home for rent. I was not very optimistic and was giving up. I responded to an add for a brand new home in a brand new subdivision. I doubted myself but did it anyway. I was contacted by Xavier Turpin and I got butterflies because the response came quicker than expected. Along the way I wanted to give up so many times but he wouldn’t let me. He kept me motivated and hopeful the entire time. When I got the news that I’d gotten the house it was surreal and I had to pinch myself! From beginning to end I’d have to say the experience was stress free and honest. If you’re in the market to buy, rent or sale Xavier Turpin is your go to guy! He’s professional, thorough and detail oriented. He makes the experience a happy one from beginning to end!
- 01/23/2021 - Paula Binion

“Fernando Turpin was very helpful and attentive. We are very satisfied with his assistance. My boyfriend and I are very happy at our new home. I would definitely recommend Fernando Turpin to my friends and family.”
- 01/18/2021 - Maria Fernandez

“Finding a home out of state is a hard process. Fernando made it as easy as possible, and made sure I had more than enough time to focus on selling my other home, instead of worrying about finding a new one. He also did this in an incredibly short time frame, that I needed due to the closing of my other home.”
- 01/18/2021 - Justin M Boucher

“Fernando was a great help and made it super easy for me to move out of state for the first time. Any time I had a question he was quick to answer and was incredibly helpful.”
- 01/16/2021 - Stefan Habib

About Fernando: “He was really good at helping us find a place to rent. He negotiated with renters during the application step, negotiated our situation with our dog and marital status, and even negotiated application fees and other. Very helpful and friendly. Also speaks Spanish for those who need it.”
- 01/15/2021 - Emily Flores-Gonzalez

“Fernando was the only realtor out of how many(I lost count) that actually cared. Within an hour we had narrowed down a few houses that we liked, and within the day my family had looked at the house for us, and we put an application in. We would definitely recommend Fernando.”
- 01/15/2021 - Grant Smith

“Xavier helped us purchase our first home and was an incredible pleasure to work with. He does not pressure his clients to purchase anything. He takes his time and offers great knowledge and advice but let’s you decide when you are ready. Xavier showed us over 50 houses over multiple days and weekends, and made time for us on the spot on multiple occasions. Xavier has earned our absolute highest recommendation as a realtor!”
- 12/20/2020 – Joshua Couse and Jessica Garrett

"Cora has been so helpful to us! She has helped us choose good properties which have turned out into good investments. At the very beginning, she gave us advice to form an LLC for our investment, has referred us to good lawyers, so that we will be in the right path. Also, she manages our properties -- which are houses that are easily rented -- and gives us all the information we need every month."
- 12/14/2020 - Alicia Picaso

"Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in San Antonio, TX.
Xavier is professional and courteous. He listens and works to find the best investment for you. He also encouraged me to shop for the best interest rate. Would recommend 100%."

- 10/19/2020 - Holly Fox